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PSN purchases to be made transferable to PS Now for free -- rumor

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on 4 July 2014

Sony is looking to make PlayStation Network purchases fully transferable to PlayStation Now, according to NeoGAF user, Bastion.

This would mean that anything you buy via Sony’s flagship online service will be made available free on PS Now.

Bastion notes that his PS3 edition of PS Now has already-purchased titles Stick It To The Man and Saints Row 2 on display in the current beta with a cart icon next to them, fully available and ready to play.

However, he added that on the PS4, any titles purchased are not available to play for free. He does note that this might be down to the fact the PS3 version of the Cloud-based service is more up to date than its next-generation counterpart.

PS Now is currently targeting a summer release in North America and likely won’t arrive in Europe until 2015.

Users have shared some complaints over the service while experience the beta, chiefly the price of game rentals.

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via PS4Daily