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PS4 ad campaigns help Sony gain early lead over Xbox One

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on 7 July 2014

With PS4 sales reported to be approximately 9 million versus Xbox One’s 5 million, it’s clear that Sony Computer Entertainment has done its job so far at convincing consumers that its latest console is the best choice for gamers.

Well, it seems that part of its success is down to advertising, with Sony reportedly spending far more than Microsoft to get the word out there. Figures from research firm iSpot reveal that Sony has spent $59M on advertising compared to Microsoft’s $34.7M, up to the end of May.

Indeed, Sony has invested a lot of money on T.V. commercials on channels such as FOX, Comedy Central and ESPN, and is one of just six companies named as official partners of the FIFA World Cup. Sony has done well to focus many of its adverts on its games and attracting that core gaming audience, while Microsoft has taken a rather different tact, with Xbox One being portrayed more as a media hub than a gaming console.

There’s still a long way to go in the battle between PS4 and Xbox One, but so far Sony must be extremely satisfied with the way things have gone. Evidentally, it looks like those advertising dollars have been extremely well spent.

Source: Forbes