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Team 17 thinks the PlayStation Store looks great, but isn't without its faults

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on 9 July 2014

The developer behind the Worms franchise has criticized Sony’s PlayStation Store, suggesting it is too difficult for users to stumble across new titles and doesn’t use space efficiently when promoting products.

Speaking at the Brighton Develop Conference (via PlayStation Trophies), Mickey Torode, Team 17’s Senior Global Brand Manager, was quick to praise the store’s slick aesthetic, but said improvements could be made in regards to finding content. 

"The big question that PlayStation have to ask themselves is do they want to create a really beautiful magazine, or do they want a hard hitting retail environment?” said Torode.

"At the moment, the store is incredible. It looks brilliant[…] but you’ve been there nearly two minutes and you’ve only seen six titles. That’s not the way a store should be. A store should have a lot of different titles available to you.

"It’s really easy to search and find a title," he continued, "but in terms of organically finding a title, in terms of stumbling across a game, it’s very difficult."

Elsewhere, Torode expressed hope that Sony will allow for cross-publisher bundles on the PS Store.

“We can offer our Team 17 titles to Sony via their account team at any time to be in a bundle. But at the moment, you’re not allowed to approach another indie and say ‘hey, you’ve got a good title, we’ve got a good title, let’s put a bundle together.’

“Cross-publisher and cross self-publisher bundles are not allowed at the moment, and that’s something that’s a missed opportunity.”