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AKIBA'S TRIP vampire-stripping action RPG gets PS3 and Vita release

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on 15 July 2014

NIS America has confirmed that the action RPG AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed will be launching on PS3 and PS Vita this Autumn.

Developed by Tenchu creator ACQUIRE, AKIBA'S TRIP is set in the re-imagined location of Akihabara, Tokyo’s popular ”Electric Town” district and involves players identifying vampires and fighting against them in order to force them to strip so their bodies are exposed to sunlight. The open-world action RPG will feature over 130 real life Akihabara shops that the player is able to visit, a cast of popular anime characters and multiple ways to progress through the storyline.

The combat system has been described as 'unique' with players able to strip items from enemies and add them to their inventory, as well as use unique weapons such as comics and motherboards to destroy the undead plague and discover what’s really going on in the streets of Akihabara.

Check out the trailer…