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GameStop offers PS4 and Watch Dogs deal for just $410

on 15 July 2014

Video game retailer GameStop is offering a special deal that includes a standard PlayStation 4 system and a copy of Watch Dogs for just $410.

With your purchase of a PS4, you’ll receive Watch Dogs for just $9.99. Considering the game holds a retail price of $59.99, that’s a pretty nifty deal that nets you a $50 discount.

Don’t sit on the offer if you’re looking to snatch up a PS4 sooner rather than later. The sale is valid through July 27 and is a PlayStation-only deal, so act quick if you’re intrigued by the bargain.

If you need a second opinion on Watch Dogs, feel free to look over our in-depth review of Ubisoft’s open-world thriller here.

Are you still waiting for the right moment to purchase a PS4? Is this the opportunity you were waiting for? Give us a shout in the comments section below.