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PlayStation News of the Week: July 14 - 18, 2014

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on 20 July 2014

Welcome to another instalment in our weekly news digest where the team at PSU Towers picks our favourite slices of PlayStation-related gossip from the past seven days. See below for the week’s highlights by clicking the links provided.

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PS4 would have 'sucked' for gamers without a HDD, says Naughty Dog

The billion-dollar decision to include a hard disk in the PlayStation 4 was definitely the right call to make, says Naughty Dog’s Drew Thaler, who reckons it would have ‘sucked’ for developers and gamers alike had Sony opted not to ship with one.

Mass Effect's Garrus makes a cameo in Doctor Who trailer...or does he?

The latest series of the BBC’s Doctor Who appears to have taken influence from BioWare’s Mass Effect video game franchise.


Mass Effect 4 confirmed for Comic-Con panel

The next chapter in the Mass Effect franchise will discussed during a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con later this month, BioWare has confirmed.

Star Citizen creator gets a PS4 dev kit but insists 'It will NEVER be dumbed down for a lesser platform'

Following the arrival of a PS4 dev kit at the home of Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium, and the subsequent spotting of the console on the CTO’s desk, rumours have been flying around that the open-world space flight combat game could be earmarked for Sony’s machine.

Sony is targeting Wii owners with the PS4, says SCEI chief

The president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) has said the console manufacturer is attempting to entice Wii owners with its latest home format, the PlayStation 4.


Destiny PS4 beta: everything you need to know; surprising amount of content

Sony Computer Entertainment has released a new video detailing everything that players need to know about the upcoming beta phase for Destiny which launches on PS4 on July 17 for all those who pre-ordered Bungie’s shooter or managed to grab a beta code.


The Last of Us: Remastered gets beautiful new screens, Euro multiplayer mode remains censored

Sony has revealed that the European version of The Last of Us: Remastered’s multiplayer component remains censored as it was in the original PlayStation 3 version of the game.

Uncharted film will start shooting in early 2015

The planned movie adaptation of Naughty Dog’s multi-million selling Uncharted video game series will commence filming in early 2015.

The Last of Us: Remastered Trophies 'identical' to PS3 version, visuals 'look spectacular'

Naughty Dog has confirmed that Trophies for The Last of Us: Remastered are ‘identical’ to the PlayStation 3 original, though noted save files won’t be transferable to the PlayStation 4 version of the post-apocalyptic romp.


Final Fantasy Type-0 fan's English translation shut down by 'certain game company'

The fan-lead English translation of Final Fantasy Type-0 has been taken down due to "threats and false accusations."

Doom PS4 gets info burst from QuakeCon, will run at 1080p/60fps

Bethesda has blown the cobwebs off the long-delayed reboot of idSoftware’s Doom franchise, confirming the game will be released for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

Uncharted PS4 remaster would be 'really cool to have,' says Naughty Dog

The developer behind the Uncharted franchise has expressed interest in releasing a remastered collection of the popular action-adventure series for the PlayStation 4.