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Destiny PS4 beta glitches show how to access King's Watch, Jovian Complex and Seraphim Vault hidden maps

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on 24 July 2014

If you’re looking to get even more value out of your time on the PS4 Destiny beta, then you may want to check out these videos created by YouTuber Team LAG.

In the first video, Team LAG shows how a tutorial of how you breach your way through a locked door and access a closed section of the beta, an area called King’s Watch. There are two more tutorial videos that also show you how to access Jovian Complex and Seraphim Vault to give you an idea of what to expect when the full game launches in September.

Be aware though, the enemies that you’ll face will be way tougher than your level 8 cap can handle.









The Destiny beta has thrown up some great live events so far, with the highlight being "The Iron Banner" which was available for just two hours last Saturday. The next event is scheduled for June 26 at 10pm GMT where Bungie is promising those who turn up will receive permanent rewards for their avatars when Destiny launches on September 9, 2014.