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Polyphony admits sub-audio quality of cars in Gran Turismo, seeks audio experts for Gran Turismo 7 and beyond

on 26 July 2014

Via the official Gran Turismo website, Polyphony’s Yamauchi-san has confirmed that he is looking to recruit sound and recording engineers for future iterations of its popular car racing franchise Gran Turismo and admits the “weakness” of some audio samples from previous games by going into some detail about how sound from the cars was captured.

“It also doesn’t help that there aren’t enough people in the sound team,” said Yamauchi-san.

“And the biggest problem is that the sound recordings have not caught up to the increase in the number of cars. But its something we have to do. Nowadays the equipment is starting to be built smaller as well”.

Anyone sound and recording engineers interested in helping Polyphony out can find details of how to apply on the official GT site.

Last year, Polyphony revealed that GT7 would likely be coming to PS4 in a year or two (2014-2015) and would utilise the GT6 physics engine.