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Destiny PS4 servers down, struggling with demand for beta event

on 26 July 2014

UPDATE 3 - Seems to be getting more stable as the evening progresses.

UPDATE 2 - Ah, that didn't last long. Sporadic drop-outs. Played about 10 minutes of the Moon mission before getting kicked out.

UPDATE - We're in! Only 20 minutes downtime for us.

Coconut, Baboon and Cattle error plagues Destiny beta event

It seems like every man and his dog must be trying to get into the much-publicised Destiny beta event this evening. As a result, many cannot access the multiplayer servers.

Error message "Removed from the game world please try again" is the greeting while players are trying to access the likes of The Crucible, the new Moon mission and The Earth missions.We're also asked to check Bungie.net for the error code: Coconut, though we can't even access that right now. We've also had the error code: Baboon and Cattle crop up.

Hopefully it won't be too long until things are back up and running as they'll be thousands hoping to try out the brand new mission and pick up their nameplate award.

We'll keep you posted.