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New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare story trailer explodes with intense action & Kevin Spacey

on 29 July 2014

Activision today released a new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare campaign story trailer that introduces players to the game’s near-futuristic world and plot.

Many staple Call of Duty elements are present: terrorists attacking, buildings exploding, and soldiers being manly. Along with the powered exoskeleton, you will have jetpacks, grappling hooks, and other new toys at your disposal as well.

Most interesting of all is the fact your character may not necessarily be fighting for the good guys. In Advanced Warfare, you assume the role of a soldier not in the United States military, but rather a private military contractor named Atlus, headed by the morally questionable CEO Jonathon Irons (played by Kevin Spacey).

The end of the video teases the game’s multiplayer world premiere on August 11.

Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.