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PS3 better than standard Blu-ray players?

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Everyone has seemingly jumped on the Blu-ray bandwagon recently, proclaiming it the unofficial winner of the high definition format war between itself and HD DVD. People have also suggested that the PlayStation 3 - not a stand-alone Blu-ray player - is the better machine. Recent reports have proved this belief to be true.

It could be possible that early adopters of the Blu-ray format (Stand alone players) may have received the short end of the stick, while on the other hand; PS3 owners are in the presence of possibly the best Blu-ray player on the market as it is upgradable.

Through typical PS3 firmware updates, the PS3 is able to upgrade to the new features from the new “Profile 2.0” coming later in the year. This allows for the user to access downloadable content ranging from feature films, trailers, ringtones, and more. Most stand-alone players, and, more importantly the earlier ones, will not be able to do this because of the lack of Internet capabilities.

While this might give more credibility to the PS3 as a Blu-ray player and an entertainment device as a whole, it does not look good overall as it could show just how lousy the heads behind Blu-ray does their planning. A USD 399 Blu-ray player is possibly superior to a USD 799+ player? We at PSU certainly feel this shouldn’t be the case.

Source: CVG