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Discover Lost Planet on PS3 Feb. 26

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on 21 January 2008

Lost Planet is old news, there's no denying that. The title appeared on 360 literally a year ago, and it isn't even available to PS3 owners as of yet. However, that hasn't stopped Capcom from working on this content-laden port which is soon to appear on Sony's shiny system.

Capcom has announced that the PS3 version of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition will appear in stores on February 26, and for what it's offering, it's quite a good deal.

All of the downloadable content that appeared on the 360 version will be on the Blu-ray disc upon release, free of charge. Additionally, all of the PC exclusive characters (including Dead Rising protagonist Frank West and the blue-suited Mega Man) will be available in the PS3 version. Beyond even that, there will be a PS3 exclusive character, Luka.

Even with all that extra content, Capcom isn't hesitating to give PS3 owners a bargain. Lost Planet on PS3 will cost a mere $39.99. Although Lost Planet is beginning to show its age, nobody can deny that this is a brilliant deal. Lose a planet on February 26.