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FFXIII demo coming in 2008

23 January 2008

Square Enix has announced plans to release a demo of its upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, Final Fantasy XIII, as it pledges that “2008 will be the year” for new information on the highly anticipated RPG title.

Reports originate from Japan’s Famitsu and Dengeki magazines (via website, with Final Fantasy Character Designer, Tetsuya Nomura, stating that the demo will give players a “hands on” with the games new battle system.

While Nomura didn’t divulge when we could expect the demo, he did promise that more information on the game would be forthcoming, including details on characters, summons and an “unexpected connection between the keywords cocoon and Farushi.”

He also offered a cryptic hint as to when to expect the full game, stating, "I wonder when we'll be able to sleep...” and declared that the central theme of the title would be “determination.”

Stay tuned for more information on Final Fantasy XIII as soon as it breaks.

Source: CVG

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