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Original Resistance used just 10% of PS3's power

The potential of the PlayStation 3 continues to be huge, after it was revealed that launch title Resistance: Fall of Man used just 10% of the console's power.

Touted for its incredible visuals, Resistance used only around 10% to 20% of the PS3's SPU. Details were revealed in official documents released by developer Insomniac Games detailing the development process behind Fall of Man.

Unlike certain other companies, Insomniac regularly discuss SPU utilisation, and in the past they have revealed that the process will see major benefits for years to come.

Insomniac's Chief Creative Officer Brian Hastings told Videogamer.com, "The tech and gameplay teams have moved tons of things over to the SPUs that used to run on the PPU. Collision and physics are entirely running on SPUs now, which allows us to put much more on the screen at once than we were able to with Resistance. Moving more and more code to the SPUs is an ongoing process and I think we'll continue to see major benefits from this for several more years."

This news is sure to whet the appetite of gamers already relishing the game's sequel, Resistance 2, which is due to be released in September.

It also bodes well for future games across the board, with many developers yet to tap in to the full power and resources offered by the powerful PS3.

Source: dbtechno