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Square Enix clarifies no FF for 360 announcement

We recently reported Square Enix's (SE) Shinji Hashimoto announcing that Final Fantasy (FF) plans for the Xbox 360 were currently a "blank page." Many PS3 fans rejoiced at this news because it meant that there were no plans on moving the Final Fantasy franchise onto the Xbox 360.

With SE's latest announcement, this remains the case. SE has never been one to backtrack on public relations announcements. However, this one in particular deserved some clarification.

Talking to GamesIndustry.biz, a spokesperson said:

"Hashimoto-san was talking about the current situation."

Which would imply that there may not be plans for a FF on the 360 at this moment. However, there still is a possibility that there will be a Final Fantasy game on the 360 in the future.

The Xbox 360 will be receiving SE's The Last Remnant alongside the PS3 version, as well an unnamed Final Fantasy MMORPG. However, for a true blue, single player, franchise FF title, 360 fans will have to go without. Though, the future holds many things uncertain. If Microsoft can gain a proper foothold in Japan, SE may be whistling a different tune a year or two from now.