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Sony hints at Platinum PS3 titles for Europe

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on 4 February 2008

Sony has gone on record to suggest that it is “likely” the company will release a selection of PlayStation 3 “Platinum” titles in Europe, following yesterday’s announcement to introduce a similar scheme in Japan.

Speaking to today, a company spokesperson commented, "We have introduced a Platinum range of best-selling titles for all of our platforms to date, and it is likely that we will do so in the future for PS3.”

"However, no decisions have yet been made on timing or line-up."

Sony has traditionally released a budget software range for its home consoles since the days of the original PlayStation, which typically retail for GBP 19.99 under the Platinum brand (otherwise known as ‘Greatest Hits’ in Japan and North America)

The first set of PS3 games to be released in Japan under this scheme includes Folklore, Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Resistance: Fall of Man.

Stay tuned for more as it breaks.