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New COD4 maps to be user-created?

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It is no secret that it has been the player’s expansive mind that has forwarded the gaming industry in a number of ways. One of the greatest user mods, Counter Strike, which was based from the Half-Life engine, allowed developers to finally consider gamers as a major source for new and creative material.

It is the greater amount of player creations aka, Mod Community, which keeps things fresh. Developers of Call of Duty 4, Infinity Ward have embraced this concept and are looking to implement it in their very own grand scheme of things.

With Call of Duty 4 being well received by the media and public alike, even winning PSU’s Game of the Year, the experience needs to remain fresh in order to keep players coming back for more. That is why Infinity Ward is looking to the mod community as a major source for their new flood of maps to be released.

“On March 31st, we’re going to be choosing our favorite community made maps and award the map makers of our favorites picks with special prizing and opportunities which we can’t announce just yet but will be in the very near future (probably within a week).

”However the clock is ticking to get your map designed, as I said, we’ll be choosing our favorite community made custom multiplayer maps on March 31st.”

While they do not state directly that they plan to utilize some of the user created maps for their game, they at least hint at the possibility by commenting, “with special prizing and opportunities which we can’t announce just yet”.

Either way, if you believe you have the talent, hit up the code and create something unique as you may likely have a map featured in COD4 to be played by millions.

Source: Ripten