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Sony suggests users should upgrade their own PS3 HD's

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on 4 February 2008

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia’s Michael Ephraim has addressed consumers who are anticipating the much rumoured 120GB PlayStation 3 console, suggesting that users should instead upgrade their own machines to the desired specification.

Speaking to The Age, Ephraim commented, "The hard drive issue, we've done it so you can upgrade the hard drive."

"It's non-proprietary, and you do have external hard drives," he explained, and pointed out that retailers may also stock PS3 consoles with increased hard drive capacity, specifically for when PlayTV launches.

"With PlayTV, yes you will need more storage”, he conceded. "As we all know, the price of hard drive space is coming down. If we do it, fine, but if we don't do it, the consumer will still have choice," Ephraim continued.

PlayTV is scheduled for release in Spring 2008.

Source: CVG