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SingStar 3 release defined

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Fans are anxiously awaiting the arrival of SingStar onto the PlayStation 3 format, however, you’re going to have to sit and wait past one more release for the PlayStation 2 first. With SingStar ‘90s getting ready to hit store shelves on March 19th, a lot of questions were left as to when SingStar 3 would be released for the PlayStation 3 as June was said to be the target launch period.

Ryan Hamlyn, Associate Producer of SingStar has finally let the beans spill in regards to the PS3 release of SingStar when IGN asked him where SingStar 3 was. “We've been getting that one a lot. We're happy to announce that SingStar PS3 will be released in the US this coming May. We're excited to share more information in the near future on all the cool features fans can expect at launch.”

Ryan also discussed the delays and why things have been moving so slowly, “…we just want to make sure that we have the best product possible for the US release—we know our fans have high expectations for the PS3 version, and we want to meet and/or exceed those on every level. This starts with the track list that we have for the US disc, the day 1 offering that we are going to have on the SingStore, and the My SingStar Online community experience.

Obviously with the release of Rock Band, SingStar has had some stiff competition as far as singing-simulations go. Ryan feels that their SingStore and My SingStar Online are two of the things that really separate them from the Rock Band game and their other competitors. With the SingStore built right into the game, if you already have credit in your PSN wallet, you’ll never have to leave the game in order to download new songs.

My SingStar Online will allow users a MySpace-esque atmosphere where they will be allowed to setup profiles. Not only will you be able to share pictures and video (if you have the PS3Eye) but you’ll also be able to share just standard audio performances as well. So no longer will you have to wait until Happy Hour on a Friday night to embarrass yourself in front of co-workers.

The PlayStation 3 userbase doesn’t have much longer to wait as May is being used as a sure stick date. It’s good to know they’ve moved the release of the title up an entire month and are still optimistic about bringing its fans the best title possible.