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PSN at 1.5 million users

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on 20 May 2007

After a mere 6 months, Sony has created a very real online presence.

Straight from Gamer's Day, we've got the numbers of Sony's online world. First off, over 1.5 million users have created online accounts, with 775,000 coming from North America (we don't know if these are individual PS3s, as some people have multiple accounts for differing regions).

At this 6 month mark, Microsoft had only 500,000 users on Xbox Live. For those of you who think that's not a fair comparison, the 500,000 number also includes the free silver edition.

Six million pieces of content have been downloaded from the PlayStation Store. They didn't announce the ratio of free to paid content, but it's an impressive number nonetheless.

Finally, the 1.5 million users have logged in a total of 115 million times. So using our impressive math and reasoning skills, that's an average of 77 log-ins per PS3 owner. Not bad at all Sony.

Well the PlayStation Network has a bright future ahead of itself with Home on the horizon, but these numbers tell us it isn't doing so bad right now either.