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Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer details leaked?(Rumor)

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Only today the Grand Theft Auto IV website launched with an array of videos, screenshots, and downloadable content for your PC. However, already a source has come forward and leaked some information in regards to the online portion of the game itself. As many of you already know, Grand Theft Auto IV will be the first in the franchise to offer online play, well here are some of the rumored details.

Some of the multiplayer modes supposedly leaked are Deathmatch, co-op, team based head-to-head battles, and online races. Obviously any schmuck with an IQ of a spoon could come up with some random guesses like this, but that’s where this gets interesting. The source has also given names for some of these modes which only further advanced the possible truth behind the details.

The names leaked for these multiplayer modes include Cops ‘n’ Crooks, Bomb da Base, and Hangman’s Noose. These do sound like potential game modes you’d see in a Grand Theft Auto game. They’re quirky yet distinctively unique.

We’ll keep you guys posted if anything else happens to leak through the cracks for the highly-anticipated title.