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OPM reveals new Resistance 2 plot, gameplay info

on 12 February 2008

Fresh details regarding Insomniac’s upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive sequel, Resistance 2, have surfaced in the latest issue of the UK’s Official PlayStation Magazine this week.

According to the publication, Resistance 2’s plot will kick off not long after the events of Resistance: Fall of Man, and will once again centre around the battle-hardened soldier, Nathan Hale.

Having survived the Chimera’s onslaught in the UK, Hale journey’s to Iceland, the base of the Special Projects Research Administration (SPRA), where he discovers that its human occupants have become infected with mutant DNA, giving them special healing and telepathic abilities. 

Ted Price, President of Insomniac Games, described the new and improved Chimera enemies that gamers will be facing, including the ‘Chamelion Chimera’, which the player can detect by the footprints it will leave behind, or the outline of the creature caused by falling rainwater.

Price also touched on the games bosses, stating, "We've taken some of the lessons we've learnt from Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction and used them with a twist. Bosses are significantly larger than anything we've tried in our games. One in particular is several hundred feet tall.”

The magazine also places the multiplayer offering under the microscope, confirming that the eight-player co-op feature will include a proper campaign and unique objectives for players to face.

Furthermore, a new weapon has been confirmed (dubbed “The Splitter”), described by OPM as a type of mini gun “capable of spraying a terrifying barrage of rounds.” Players will also be able to utilize a variety of special powers, healing included, which are in turn charged by dispatching enemies.

Resistance 2 is due for release on PS3 later this year.