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Lair score wins IFMCA award

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After receiving heavy criticism on its launch, The PlayStation 3 exclusive, Lair, has finally received some positive recognition from the media.

The International Film Music Critics Association announced their 2007 award winners, and this year was the debut of the award for Best Original Score for a Video Game or Interactive Media award, with the honor going to John Debney the composer of Lair's score. The IFMCA established this award because of the recognition of the increasing importance of music in gaming and gaming as an entertainment medium.

Although many critics claim that the gameplay is broken, so much so that a possible patch is in works to fix the controls, apparently a great score was wasted on a pretty average game. Since 59.99 USD is a pretty steep price to hear a soundtrack, luckily iTunes has added Lair's score to their library for gamers to get their fix for 50 USD less than the game at $9.99.