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GDC: PSN -- Where it is today

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Here at the Game Developer’s Conference in beautiful San Francisco, California, Chris Eden, Senior Developer Relations Account Manager at SCEA detailed just how far PSN has come since it launched in November 2006 and the many things that can be accessed through PSN from a business and consumer perspective.

The whole presentation outlined what is in store for the future of PSN such as independent developers creating content for the service, which we will cover in a separate feature later on. Currently there are over 2.8 million people in North America that have a PSN account, with 46 million downloads worldwide since its launch. These are staggering stats that are only determined to grow within the coming months as the PlayStation 3 sees what is going to be its best year yet.

Why is the PSN so important to Sony? Well the PlayStation Network is Sony’s definitive answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Live network. Furthermore, the PlayStation Store (PSN Store) is in direct competition with Microsoft’s Xbox Live Store where videogame demos, trailers, and other extra content can be purchased.

Please stay tuned as we have more to cover on PSN and GDC in general.