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PlayStation Store gets a little more PAINful

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on 17 May 2007

When this PSN game was first shown, the grimaces of pain during the trailer seemed quite appropriate. PAIN, a downloadable title for Sony's online network, seeks to combine Havok physics with a giant slingshot. Hey, that's what you get from a development team that cites MTV's Jackass as an inspiration.

The premise is simple - cause as much pain to your poor subject as possible. Slingshot through a window and watch the glass become lodged in your ill-fated avatar's body, or better yet aim at the nearby propane tank for a massive explosion. Interact with the environment in countless ways in game modes such as HORSE, Mime Toss, and Spank the Monkey.

The game will feature Game 3.0 inspired user-created content, and have a replay system similar to SKATE (created by EA), in which you can upload your most painful moments onto the web for the masses. No price point has been announced, but the developers have been quoted saying it will be "reasonable."

Check back in with PSU as we'll have the price point and release date for you when they become available.