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Folklore officially announced

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on 17 May 2007

Well it's undergone many name changes: first Monster Kingdom then Folk's Soul, but at Sony's Gamers Day this title was officially announced as Folklore.

A PlayStation 3 exclusive, Folklore is developed by Tokyo's Game Republic under Yoshiki Okamoto, who has quite an impressive roster under his belt. Executive producer of Onimusha, Devil May Cry, and Resident Evil, Okamoto describes Folklore as a dark fantasy adventure inspired by Western fairy tales.

As you begin your journey through the Netherworld to solve a mysterious murder, you have the option to play as two highly differing characters - the intriguing journalist by the name of Keats, or the folk story loving Ellen.

Promised for the game are over 40 hours of gameplay within 7 different realms, over 100 unique monsters, and sixaxis implementation in the form of jerking your wrist to practically tear the powers out of defeated foes.

For the newly released Folklore trailers simply check below.

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