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Warhawk distribution resolved

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The news that single player was cut from Warhawk sparked constant debate on whether it would end up being a downloadable title for the PlayStation Store or released on a full blown Blu-Ray disc. Finally all the rumors and wild speculation will be ended, as we have the answer for you: it will be both.

No official prices have been announced, but we're sure the downloadable version will be cheaper as it only contains the core game. Don't feel like you miss out if you purchase it via the PlayStation Store, because you won't lose any gameplay elements.

The Blu-Ray version will end up being a "collector's edition" of sorts. It'll contain interviews with the Warhawk team, behind the scenes footage, and demos of upcoming PlayStation 3 games (the old fashioned way!). However, those features don't really warrants the probable full retail price for the Blu-Ray version (as we speculate the retail version will be a full $60). What certainly DOES warrant that full retail price is the inclusion of a Bluetooth headset that players will be able to use to communicate with others. Essentially, the Blu-Ray version of Warhawk is the perfect starter kit for the PlayStation Network.

Check back for more on Warhawk soon.

Source: IGN