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Konami boots cheater out of PES tournament

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As many of you may know, Konami is currently holding an online tournament for its highly successful sports title, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

The tournament kicked off last December and is now down to its final 32 players, fighting in the trenches for £50,000. However, it has transpired this week that top player in the tournament has been kicked out of the tournament for apparently cheating.

Konami went on record explaining:

"Konami Digital Entertainment and will not tolerate cheating of any kind and reiterates its commitment that only the best players will be eligible to win the competition.

"The tournament is being overseen by Konami's respect PES Rankings team, which is charged with dealing with disputes and has ultimate authority. Those caught cheating will be banned from the competition and will face a ban of up to one year from PES Rankings."

Specific details to how the player cheated are unknown at the moment, but it is speculated that lag abuse is the cause of the dismissal. Guess the player didn’t have the natural skills for that £50,000 cash prize.