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Sony finally issues comment on The Getaway PS3

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on 7 March 2008

Sony has finally spoken out in regards to its upcoming Getaway title currently in development for the PlayStation 3, following almost a two-year hiatus after its showing at the Electronic Entertainment Expose  in 2006.

The following comments should come as somewhat of a remedy for fans who have understandably put the game’s status in doubt following two years worth of silence.

"The Next Gen of consoles have liberated us in other ways," commented Screenplay Writer, Katie Ellwood. "There are wider possibilities to use that processing power and tell a story during the game play.”

Ellwood also revealed that Sony is currently "talking to production houses about a movie for the third game in the Getaway series."

"The story and game script for this one is very exciting, as is the writer we have on board. I'm afraid I can't give any further information, other than to say: watch this space," she added.

Stay tuned for more (hopefully detailed) information on The Getaway for PS3 as soon as it becomes available.