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Dark Sector goes gold

on 7 March 2008

Before writing this article, we thought of all the puns we could use comparing the main character Hayden's metallic arm to Dark Sector going gold. Obviously, we didn't come up with much...damn insomnia.

Regardless, the title has indeed gone gold. This sci-fi gone gritty Eastern Europe shooter was a runner up our Top 10 Multiplatformers of 2008 list, and will hopefully live up to our expectations.

“Dark Sector fans have been waiting for this moment and we’re pleased to say that after months of tweaking and polishing, the game is ready to entertain and wow gamers,” commented Peter Andrew, vice president of product development, D3PA. “Digital Extremes has poured their heart and soul into this game and it shows through compelling gameplay and absolutely stunning graphics.”

We're particularly looking forward to decapitating some foes with Hayden's badass midair glaive via the Sixaxis motion sensing. Dark Sector will ship to retail stores across North America on March 25, 2008.