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Ubisoft confirms patch development for Vegas 2

Today on the official community forums for Ubisoft, an employee confirmed that there is a patch in development in order to restore the "Private First Class unlocked" functionality.  Apparently, if gamers have a Rainbow Six Vegas (first one) save file, the extra experience you gain from that skyrockets you past the rank and therefore skips it entirely as an unlockable. 

Ubisoft is also taking a look into the reported PlayStation 3 online issues that have shown up as of late.  They've also noted that this is more than likely a PS3 issue itself and have not given a date on when to expect a patch to fix it.  They did go on record saying that "the connection issues have not been known for as long and will require more in-depth research to establish what the issue is."

It's a nice gesture from Ubisoft to be acknowledging and cleaning up an issue that shipped with the game, but this begs to question whether online patches have caused developers to become lazy with their finished products.  As more and more games seem to require a patch down the road, it only makes you contemplate this question.  For now, we can be satisfied that the developers do what they can to rectify these issues; however, how much longer will it be justified?