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High Stakes Poker about to become visual

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Coresoft has announced the plan to implement webcam and audio functionality into their PlayStation Network title, High Stakes Poker. They have said it will be "real-time simultaneous audio and video" and that they don't think it has ever been done on any console before this point.

For those of you wondering if this title will offer the player-participation making it worthy of a download, Coresoft has given the thumbs up to not worry. High Stakes Poker has been released across all three major regions which in return has resulted in a large user base, which is partly why they've been so motivated to provide more features and add-ons to the game.

High Stakes Poker not only provides ten different poker modes, but also is compatable with PSP remote play as well. On top of this, you can take part in online games via your PSP with little to no lag.

In the event that you're wondering what camera will be compatible with the game, Coresoft has said that the PlayStation EYE, the EyeToy and any standard webcam should function properly.

The add-on will release free of charge, though no release date has been announced yet.

Update: The add-on has been released. Enjoy!