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Def Leppard appearing in Guitar Hero IV? (UPDATED)

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on 4 April 2008

British Hard Rock band Def Leppard will be appearing in the next instalment of the popular Guitar Hero franchise, according to Internet reports.

News comes following an interview with the group on Rockline, where a fan called in to ask the band why any of their compositions have yet to feature in Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

Def Leppard’s guitarist, Phil Collen, responded by stating there would be at least three songs by the group to feature in Activision’s upcoming Guitar Hero IV, due out later this year.

So far, the confirmed songs to appear are:

-Rock of Ages

UPDATE: (Source)

A recording of the interview has now surfaced, confirming the reports as true. Collen was quoted  saying, "We just had to clear a few things like publishing, record company, and all that stuff. But we're going to have, like, three songs, I think, on Guitar Hero IV."