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New Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy screenshots for PS4 look fantastic

Feast your eyes on these Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy screenshots. The remastered Crash games are coming to PS4 with stunning 4K visuals!

on 14 February 2017


A fresh batch of Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy screenshots have surfaced online, showcasing the one-time PlayStation mascot strutting his stuff in high-definition on PlayStation 4. 

This latest bunch of images showcases some of the first shots of the crate-bashing marsupial’s second game, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, and suffice to say it’s looking mighty impressive. 

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy screenshots - check them out below





Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy is currently in development at Vicarious Visions, who are taking over remastering duties from original creators Naughty Dog. The bundle includes HD remasters of the first three games in the series: Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back, and Warped, which were originally released on the PlayStation in the mid-late 90s. 

Aside from a PS4-powered makeover, the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy also adds a number of other features, including unified checkpoints, pause menus, and manual/automatic save systems. The package also features 4K resolution visuals and completely overhauled audio. Sony has yet to announce a Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy release date, though it has confirmed the bundle will ship in 2017.

Source: Reddit

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