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EGM reveals new SOCOM Confrontation details

With a release date just around that long corner in September, Sony has let out a load of new details in this month's issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly. With nothing less than a nine page editorial, SOCOM took over the magazine with images and a lot of information that is going to have fans of the franchise even more excited to get their hands on this next installment as quick as possible.

One of the cooler additions is the creation of physics-based grenades. This means you'll now be able to decide whether you want to roll a grenade to a target or throw it overhand if you wish. You'll now also be playing in maps that are about two times the size of the original SOCOM's map sizes. However, these maps will be sectioned off to create additional smaller maps for closer combat.

In addition to this there will be no snap-to cover like you've seen in a game like Dark Sector or Uncharted. Instead you'll be able to tilt your controller forward a bit in order to lean against a wall. The developers feel this type of cover system will enable you to get creative and will also give you more options in taking cover. With the cover system, you'll also be given a sprint option. This new sprint option will allow you to run for an infinite amount of time; however, you will not be able to shoot during this period of time and it will take you a moment to pull your gun back up and fire accurately. So there is some strategy involved as to whether to run or not. Due to the sprinting option being added, vehicles have been removed.

Fog has also been removed from the title in order to increase the quality of sniping battles. Now, don't worry, the sniping will not be over-powered because they have also included a boatload of cover options on the ground level of the game to keep you safe. Fortunately, because of this slight change, there is now a second level of battle that can take place with rooftops being more accessible which in turn creats further possible strategy throughout a match.

Speaking on strategy, fans will be excited to hear about the new features floating around the clan options. Clans will now be able to choose special camo patterns and also insignias. This will give each clan a more personal feel. They have also made it more beneficial to join a clan this time around by giving clan members additional player customization. On top of that, you'll have easier management of the clan itself through socom.com. On the website you will be able to change team messages, schedule opponents, and even recruit people. Clan matches can now be done automatically so neither clan can customize the game to their advantage. Custom clan matches will be available however you will not be able to increase your clan's rank as quickly through a custom match.

It truly looks like Confrontation is turning out to be one hell of a game to look forward to. Scheduled to be released alongside Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and around the same time as LittleBigPlanet, Sony fans can expect to have a monster Fall season of gaming to enjoy. We'll keep you covered if anything new comes out regarding this title.