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Rock out with previously OXM-exclusive DLC

on 5 April 2008

Rock Band's 360 counterpart received three exclusive songs several months ago. The songs were only available via a disc that was bundled with one month's issue of the Official Xbox Magazine. Thankfully, the songs will no longer be exclusive to OXM readers, as the upcoming HMX Pack will offer the three songs to all prospective rockers. The following songs will be included in the pack:

"Rock Rebellion" by Bang Camaro (master)

"Shake" by Count Zero (master)

"Super Sprode" by Freezepop (master)

At a mere dollar a pop or $2.99 for the whole pack, the songs are quite affordable. Unfortunately, the songs will not be available this coming Thursday. As most of you know, Sony is working on the redesigned PlayStation Store, thus no new content will be available until it's completed. Once the new PS Store is live though, this and a ton of other content will be available for download.