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EA announces Rock Band prices for the UK

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EA has announced the pricing for their upcoming release of Rock Band for the United Kingdom and it isn't pretty. We're not sure what EA was thinking when they came up with this pricing plan, but there is a high chance of failure for Rock Band at its currently scheduled price release.

As many of you know, Rock Band was released at $169.99 USD in North America; so it came as a shock to hear that in order to gain all of the instruments including the game itself, it would come out to a shocking £169.99 up to £179.99. If you're doing your math right, that is almost £100 more than the North American version.

What is really odd, is the fact that EA decided to bundle the instruments for £129.99, which doesn't even include the game. On top of his already bad news, it is believed that this is going to be a timed 360 exclusive and that the Wii and PlayStation 3 owners will have to wait awhile before getting their hands on the product.

If any of this happens to change before the May 23 release date, we'll keep you updated.