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Sony: "Why do you hack your PSP?"

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Piracy has become a big deal since the turn of the century and it was undoubtedly the downfall of the SEGA Dreamcast. However, it didn't stop there in the gaming world as we saw other consoles modded to play burned games or to just have games copied directly to their HDDs. Sony has seen a large amount of not only piracy but hacking as well. Their PlayStation Portable has been somewhat of a magnet for the deed and Sony is just now wanting to know "why?"

Sony recently sent a survey around that we've included for you below to check out. The survey asks why people hack their PSPs and if it makes them feel like a "rebel."

With the survey shown above, how would your answers play out? Let us know your opinion on the subject in the comment section below and we'll keep you up to date if anything comes of this.