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Square Enix has "no plans to remake" Final Fantasy Crisis Core

Don't expect a Final Fantasy Crisis Core remake announcement anytime soon.

on 8 September 2017

final fantasy crisis core remake

While Sony's PlayStation Portable had a lot of games, there's no denying that the big-name exclusives were few and far between. However, it did get its own exclusive Final Fantasy game in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, which was released back in 2008.

With Square Enix remaking Final Fantasy VII, which is the parent game which Crisis Core is based on, some fans might be holding out hope for a Final Fantasy Crisis Core remake. Well, sad news, folks! It's not happening anytime soon. Speaking to PCGamer, Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata shot down the idea when asked about it.

PC Gamer: One of my own favourite Final Fantasy games is the PlayStation Portable's Crisis Core. If you ever remade that would you bring it to PC?

Hajime Tabata: [Laughs] If I remade it? There's no plans to to remake that, no. 

PC Gamer: I think you should. 

Tabata: I think that'd have to be after the seven remake. I think once that's out, that might create some kind of chance for that. But at the moment, before that, I can't say if that's likely. I'm very happy to hear you suggest that, though. 

Given how we haven't had any substantial news regarding the Final Fantasy 7 remake, don't expect a Final Fantasy Crisis Core PS4 remake announcement anytime soon. Silver lining though, the FFXV dev team is already checking out the PS5, so maybe a remake for that console generation, then?