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Blockbuster goes deeper into gaming

A couple of representatives from the movie giant, Blockbuster, have confirmed that all of their North American stores will soon be expanding their video game libraries.  This expansion won't just come in size, but in retail copies and rental copies made available of each title.

The expansion will offer not only hardware and software, but also accessories of the three major consoles on the market.  This would obviously include the PlayStation 3.  Alongside this increase will be an exclusive PlayStation 3 bundle only found at Blockbuster locations.  The bundle will include a 40GB PlayStation 3, Spiderman 3 (BD), Transformers (PS3), and a 12-week rental card for PlayStation 3 games and Blu-ray movies.  The bundle is expected to retail at $499.99.

"We're committed to offering a full assortment of everything gamers want in our stores - hardware, accessories and retail and rental games across all platforms - including Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS," said Rod Murray, Blockbuster’s vice president of games merchandising.

Blockbuster seems to be turning into quite the PS3 headquarters for everything you may need.  Not many people know that you can actually trade games in at Blockbuster as well for more respectable prices than GameStop usually offers its customers.  With their library of titles expanding, this only gives you more reason to do so.