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Midway considering Stranglehold sequel

Midway has said that it is currently looking into the possibility of developing a sequel to its 2007 action title, Stranglehold.

Speaking to MCV in light of the publishers Gamer’s Day event last week, International Executive Vice President, Martin Spiess, commented:

“That's actually a discussion we're having internally right now. I think we have built a great level of brand equity with Stranglehold and that's something we shouldn't give up on."

"We are looking into various possibilities in order to sequelise the franchise. News will be announced soon in regards to it,” added Spiess.

Stranglehold was released in late 2007 for the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360. The game is a collaborative effort between Midway’s Chicago branch and director John Woo, and servers as the sequel to Woo’s 1992 action film, Hard Boiled.