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Littlewood confirms Haze does not run in HD

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on 19 May 2008

Derek Littlewood, Creative Lead on the forthcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Haze, has confirmed that long-awaited First Person Shooter (FPS) will not run in high definition.

Contrary to reports, the game will run in 1024×576 (576p) as opposed to 1024×720 (720p), leaving the PS3 to upscale.

“We prioritise a nice smooth framerate over a different res,” commented Littlewood.

“Personally, I don’t really buy the whole thing. People did the same with Call of Duty, they did the same with Halo, and they say with those games ‘It’s not running at true HD!’ And it’s like, ‘I don’t care’. If the game looks good and it runs smoothly, those are the important things to me.”

Haze is due out on May 20 in North America, with a European release following on May 23.