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Insomniac details new Resistance 2 weapons

Insomniac Games’ James Stevenson has revealed details on two new weapons set to debut in the company’s forthcoming PlayStation 3 sequel, Resistance 2.

Speaking in an interview with 1up.com, Stevenson confirmed one of the weapons as the “Marksman,” while also providing further details on the previously announced “Minigun.”

According to Stevenson, the Marksman functions as semi-automatic, mid-range sniper rifle, touted to sport the same stopping power as that of the L23 Fareye.

Meanwhile, he also detailed the secondary abilities available for the Minigun, revealing that players will be able to deploy a tripod and shield. Although unable to move, gamers will be able to apply accurate and concentrated fire upon the enemy in this position whilst being protected from frontal attacks.

However, the user will still be susceptible to enemy snipers and attacks from the rear.

Resistance 2 is due out exclusively on PS3 later this year.