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PixelJunk Monsters soundtrack available later today

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According to the Official PlayStation Blog, you can expect the PixelJunk Monsters soundtrack to be the first full album release onto the PlayStation Store. Expected to release later today within the US Store's update, the PJM soundtrack will feature an assortment of Otograph tracks for your enjoyment.

Otograph formed in 2004 as a group of two to express themselves in a musical art form. Both members of Otograph and Kentaro Yoshida, the producer of PixelJunk Monsters and a lead artist on Panzer Dragoon, have sat down with the Official Blog and you can ear their interview here.

The soundtrack will be released at the pricing point of $2.99 and will hopefully be the start of many full album releases at very inexpensive prices on the PlayStation Store. We've included a sample below from the soundtrack for you to enjoy.