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PS3 to have the same launch price as PS2?

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on 26 May 2005

A Sub 40,000 Yen price has been mooted by Japanese website, Impress PC Watch, indicating that PS3 will be priced at the same level as both PS1 and PS2 at launch.

Both the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 launched at 39,800 Yen (294 Euro at today's conversion rates) when they arrived in the Far East, while the Xbox and the GameCube both launched at lower prices - 34,800 Yen (257 Euro) and 25,000 Yen (185 Euro) respectively.

Now, a report over at Impress PC Watch is indicating that Sony Computer Entertainment has cited a price point of less than 40,000 Yen for the PS3 launch in conversations with its business partners.

That would certainly seem to indicate that the traditional 39,800 Yen price point could be adhered to, and would bring the console in significantly lower than the 50,000 Yen (370 Euro) price point quoted by Japanese newspaper Mainichi Daily News last week.