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Square shoots down FF Versus XIII reports

on 19 June 2008

Square-Enix has denied reports claiming that development of the company’s upcoming Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been put on hold in.

Speaking in a statement issued today, the publisher stated: "Reports that development for Final Fantasy Versus XIII is on hold are false.”

"The truth of the situation is that when free, some staff from the Versus team have been helping with the XIII team on development of Final Fantasy XIII. Development for both titles is continuing as originally scheduled."

This is in direct contradiction to yesterday’s story from Famitsu magazine, in which a translated article quoted director Tetsuya Nomura stating that the title had been put “on hold,” adding "the entire Versus team is helping to finish Final Fantasy XIII".

Both Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy XIII are scheduled to make an appearance in video form at Square's invite-only press event in August, with rumours of a major showing planned for the Tokyo Games Show later this year.

Stay tuned.