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Silvia implies Firmware 2.4 is close

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It's starting to feel like the calm before that perfect storm as PlayStation owners wait anxiously for that inevitable announcement of the Firmware 2.4 release date. For the past several months we've read the cries for in-game XMB and trophy support and so the wait is almost over.

In a recent comment made by a Sony representative, Noel Silvia has pretty much implied that Firmware 2.4 is a little bit closer than just around the corner.

"Eric’s working hard to get everything set for the launch of Firmware 2.40, including a video walkthrough.
I can’t comment on when (as I don’t know the exactly date!), but I’m just as excited as all of you for it.
Trophy Support + In-Game Messaging FTW!"

Eric Lempel, Director of PlayStation Network Operations, is the one he is referring to as he is synonymous with Firmware updates and presenting walkthrough videos featuring Grace Chen. This begs the question, exactly how close are we to the release date?