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Hayter discusses Lost Planet movie

Speaking in attendance at the Anime Expo 2008 recently, voice actor David Hayter discussed his role in the upcoming movie adaptation of Capcom’s science fiction shooter, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition.

Hayter, who is best known for his performance as Solid Snake in Konami’s popular Metal Gear Solid franchise, said that he is currently in talks with Warner Bros to write the screenplay for the film.

"It's not entirely confirmed yet, but we are just closing the deal with Warner Bros. for me to adapt Lost Planet,” said Hayter.

"When they gave me Lost Planet to play to see if I wanted to write the movie, I looked at the environments, I looked at the vital suits, the armor, the creatures, and watched the story."
"While I couldn't take those scenes and put them up verbatim, I can appreciate the core of the story and what it is about the character's journeys that grab people."

Aside from voice acting, Hayter is also an accomplished writer, having written the screenplay for the X-Men movie in 2000, as well as serving as co-writer for the sequel, X2, alongside Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris.