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Potential new Call of Duty 4 modes

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on 14 July 2008

We've got the lowdown on four possible new modes for the most popular game on the PlayStation Network, Call of Duty 4. Robert Bowling, the Infinity Ward Community Manager, has outlined a few modes on his blog that he and a select few community members tested this weekend. If he and Infinity Ward decide they're worthy, they'll make the game types into a new playlist update for the game. The modes are as follows:

Bare-bones Team Deathmatch

No more excuses. No more blaming Martyrdom or Juggernaut for your lack of skills and kills. Bare-bones Team Deathmatch eliminates the excuses and takes it back to basics with standard Team Deathmatch with no perks, no kill streak rewards. Just you, your skill, and your weapons.

Hardcore HQ

Hardcore HQ requires a lot more than just spamming the HQ position with nades and running in guns blazing. Hardcore HQ encourages more tactical gameplay and communication to win with increased damage, no HUD elements, and friendly fire on.

Multi-bomb Search and Destroy

Multi-bomb Search and Destroy starts every member of the attacking team with a bomb. So everyone has the opportunity to plant if they’re good enough.

Hardcore FFA
Even faster paced Free For Alls, where every bullet counts and playing smart is key for a solid k/d ratio. Standard Free for All rules, with Hardcore mode enabled for extra damage, no HUD, and no health re-gen.

There you have it, all four game types as detailed by Bowling. Which of these modes do you most want to see in an update for the game? Let us know in the comment section below.