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Unreal Engine 4 already in development

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on 18 August 2005

After their Unreal Engine 3 presentation today at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany, Epic's Vice President Mark Rein revealed that the company has been on track to produce the successor to Unreal Engine3. [Ed: Already?]

Mark Rein explained, "People don't realize this but we're already two years into development of Unreal Engine 4. It certainly doesn't have a full team yet, it's just one guy and you can probably guess who that guy is." [Ed: Not really hard to guess, eh Mr.Tim Sweeney?]

Mark Rein added that, "Unreal 4 is totally groundbreaking and totally changes the way games will be done in the future," Rein continued, "I don't expect it to be staffed up as a team for a while. But when people come to work at Epic, they know they're going to be shaping the future of the videogame business."

So according to Epic, only Tim Sweeney is working on the project at the moment and they are hiring more people to up the progress rate on the brand new engine. It's surprising how Unreal Engine 3 hasn't even become mainstream and they are already at work on a new one. Speaks volumes about their confidence to reign supreme in the graphic engine wars!